Global photographer?

To me, it’s always been sort of a booster for my self-esteem to find photos from my online portfolio used to illustrate someone else’s article, post or blog entry (with proper credit, of course). I even adopted a CC license schema to allow and promote such things. But sometimes it’s, ehm, advisable to investigate a little further on the blog’s or article topic to avoid being considered a kind of supporter of ideas that are exactly the opposite of my thinking or worse (or maybe not, but one’s never knows…).

In any case, wandering through the Net, or better, through a Google’s results page, I found out two interesting sites featuring pieces of my ‘work’ :



Now, from the general context and from a funny automatic translation my understanding is that both of them are business related themes, so nothing harmful, but…if I had to ask to remove my photos, do I had to write in Korean?

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